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The Journey of AKON ONLINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED begins in the July month 2020. Initially the company was into COVID-19 supplies to the end consumers manually in across the India.

he company started its journey with dealing of N-95 Respirators and Powder-free Blue Nitrile gloves. In the month of October 2020 AKON ONLINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED which is an Indian start-up firm step its foot to The United States of America as AKON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION – Delaware branch office in New York. 

 Later in December 2020 the company stepped its first foot in The United Kingdom by setting a branch office at London as AKON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. After the expansion all these three companies started to deal with multiple channel business. The company has also opened another branch in New York as AKON ONLINE SERVICES INC IN 2020 DECEMBER last week for future plan of growth and development of the company.

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As of now our company deals with e-commerce, Business and Financial Consulting, Import-Export Solution, Logistic Support, Business and Enterprises software solution, Insurance and Valuation (Motors and Non-Motors), Event Management, Corporate Gifting, Pharmaceutical Supplies, Wholesale trade, IT & Software consultation, Jewellery Design and Trade.